Redline Powersports is the only shop in Southeast Wisconsin to own a PicoScope to diagnose the toughest problems in powersports!


With the PicoScope we can look directly at a sensors waveform to see if its correct or not. No more guessing if the component is good or bad. The Pico puts it right on the screen for us to see!  We have saved customers hundreds of dollars in diagnostics by using this amazing tool! It makes us wonder how we lived without it!

We are oversimplifying this of course, it takes a trained technician to know what he is looking for in the waveform to know good from bad. All of our technicians have been trained in using this tool and attend continuing education to stay up on the latest information to stay at our best!  

Think of the PicoScope as a microscope for electronics.

Here is an example of a good crankshaft signal vs a bad one:

Customer said that the bike would misfire and cut out while accelerating on the freeway.

Good Crank SignalBad crank signal

With this tool we can clearly see that the crank signal is dropping out while under load on the dyno. A prime example of diagnosing the exact problem and not throwing parts at it until the problem goes away. This sensor passed resistance tests with a standard multi-meter that any other shop would use. We can see that the problem happens under load. We replaced the bad part for the customer and he is back on the road!

This is just one of many bikes that we have diagnosed with this incredibly in depth tool!